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Since I have decided to sign up as an affiliate for various businesses and companies of which I’ve been a loyal, happy customer of for some time now, I believe I’m finally qualified to speak up and share with you my honest product or service reviews! with my growing fan base and blossoming website I’m hoping this will help to create some passive income for the site to help me pay for the monthly costs of keeping it running! I am also a professional and so my hope is that my views on the many different types of beauty, health, sex and fashion products, will be beneficial for everyone who reads this!

This magnetically-charged dual-sided rabbit vibrator is just amazing!

The upside: I love this little rabbit vibe for several reasons!

•One: it’s dual-sided! Meaning it vibrates on one side (the cone-shaped tip) and then after warming up my clit for a bit I can start up the opposite end and flip it around to then penetrate my pussy/ass! It’s amazing!

•Two: the cone-shaped tip is better than any other shape for me because it allows you to really get up into the folds around each side of the clit, meaning more stimulating pleasure!

•Three: it’s rabbit side features the best thick and powerful “bunny ears” part, it doesn’t move around when I’m using it, but it’s secured and able to vibrate as I’m penetrating which ever hole I choose!

•Four: it is charged using only magnets, meaning I don’t have to worry if a little water touches it while I’m cleaning it! (Although I don’t recommend submerging it completely!)

The down side: it doesn’t vibrate on both ends at the same time! And I actually had to purchase this toy twice because the first one suddenly stopped turning on after the second day! (Luckily Amazon accepted the boxed return- it would have just been an exchange for a working product but covid had just started!)

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