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Hey there! I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time now, and now I finally have! This is also my first attempt at being an affiliate for a line of products In which I actually stand behind and support 100%. I hope you’ll help me with this endeavor to take my website and online adult content and cam career to the next level by clicking any links on this page and then purchasing a toy for yourself.

Let’s get right into it then! I promise it’ll only hurt a little.. but with that being said, you’ll probably like it even more if so- you naughty little freak, you.. 😈💕

Okay, so during this covid pandemic bullshit, it’s been extremely difficult to connect with people on any sort of a physical level! My tinder hookups, for example, came to a screeching halt after the first of the quarantining began. (Thanks, China..) 🖕🏻🤬

Thankfully however, and even though there’s nothing quite as good as the real thing- (Lookup “Lovesick for Dick” and- oh shit! There’s my picture! 😅💘) I am so incredibly fucking glad that I am able to get off from your tips you give me during my broadcasts on Chaturbate (or Occasionally ManyVids, MFC and OnlyFans). Each tip you send gets converted into wonderful vibrations received by one or more of my *growing* personal collection of Lovense brand toys.

For those of you reading this that are already aware of this company’s awesome products- that’s great! way to go! I, however, admit that as a newbie in the cam world, I had no clue there was something so technologically advanced as this product line. It was also so easy to set up and start playing- and not by just myself alone, but with LOTS of others as well! Just last year I’d started my cam career, and I felt like I’d stepped into some crazy Jetson’s XXX parody porno flick, by how science fiction it all seemed to be! Certainly there are others who are still in the dark about the vast potential for pleasure both physically, mentally and emotionally by becoming a part of this virtual sex toy community!

So allow me to elaborate! This is what I’ve learned and personally discovered as a happy returning customer and newly created affiliate for Lovense..🎀

After receiving a Lovense toy, you simply download the app and sync your toy to it. From there you can control it yourself from almost any smart phone, tablet or computer (even an iPod touch!) and have the ability to do the following:

• Sync the vibes with Spotify!

• Set an alarm to vibrate at a specific time! (This one is super clever in my opinion since I’m often falling asleep on cam after multiple orgasms- with my hush or lush still inside me!)

• Sync to vibrate to a surrounding sound as a voice or music not on Spotify

• Download and save previously made patterns created by other users

Or use the remote control to create your own custom pattern of which you can choose to save to use later or send to others

• Sync with most live broadcasting sites while you are live to allow your viewers to create vibrations for with their tips! You decide the length of response time and the intensity!

• Use more than one toy and let each of them have their own unique pattern of vibration, rotation or contraction.

After purchasing a toy from Lovense, going to your App Store and downloading the Lovense Remote Control app (the one with a blue icon) and setting up a user account, you can then literally treat it like most of today’s social platforms by adding other users and communicating with them by sending and receiving texts, videos, voice or sound recordings, and photos. Plus you can choose to give up live control of your toy as well or send a request to control theirs!

Something else I really love to do is to set a hot nude of myself as the background image for any chat I have with someone. And to set any patterns sent to me to play automatically if I have a toy on and in use. These things can be done super easily by simply tweaking your current settings.

The Lovense toys I currently own are as follows:

• the lush 2- (the crazy little hot pink internal vibrator toy peeking out from almost every cam girls pussy, which surely has paid for itself 10x over by the tips it’s brought me over the last year!)

• the hush (1.75 inch)- teledildonic butt plug

• the domi 2- SUPER powerful “mini” wand (I purchased with this the female extension piece too, but there’s a male version as well!)

• the nora- the original Bluetooth rabbit vibrator

I would love to get these toys too though! *hint, hint*!

• Lush 3- newer version of the favorite wearable vibrator

• the osci 2- oscillating g-spot toy

• the smaller 1.25 inch hush

• the ambi- external bullet vibrator

• the new, limited edition *mission*- curved, g-spot vibrator

Or see if you’d enjoy using one of the following:

• the Max 2- male masturbator with option for skin colored sleeve

• the edge- adjustable prostate massager

So what else is there to think about?! Click the link below to join me (@xxxlovesick on the app)! let’s get connect and get physical! 😈 Or just spoil me and buy one of the toys I don’t own yet!

Remember- I love giving up control of my toys but it is all too rare when I am able control the vibes of someone else’s toy at the same time.. so hopefully this will inspire you to check out one for yourself! For those that do, I’m offering a discount for my Skype shows at $3/minute (save $2 per minute!!) if you buy yourself a toy using the link below! Purchase of a toy for me gets you the same discount plus a custom video of the unboxing and first time use of the toy you purchase! I just LOVE presents!

So hurry up, silly! I’m horny right NOW! (Well, I am always horny, lol.) Let’s chat via Skype or right there within the app! I bet we can get each other off within 5 minutes.. 😜 let’s find out. Thankfully, neither distance nor Covid can stop us from physically pleasuring each other now, thanks to Lovense! 💘

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