Cock Rating Custom Video
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Control of my Lovense Toys
Control my Lovense Toy(s) while I’m live on Chaturbate or click the banner above to buy yourself one and have me control it at the same time! Or buy me a new toy for a free custom video of my own joyful reaction during the unboxing and using for first time! *Be sure to Download the Lovense Remote Control Link in the App Store, create an account and then add me there @xxxlovesick!*
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Roxie’s Pussy Clone + Toy
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Private Video Chat Cam-2-Cam Skype Shows
I currently offer 4 types of Skype shows:
Read the Rules before Scheduling!
I will call you! - I repeat, DO NOT CALL ME! Only after you have scheduled with me an agreed upon day/time, booked your appointment and made your payment in full, will I, then, call you to initiate the start of the show! • attempting to call me on Skype or Snapchat, repeatedly or otherwise, is not allowed unless I specifically give you permission to do so. (since Snapchat’s micro-sized buttons place the “call” button and “back” button Much too close to each other, accidentally dialing me on Snapchat once in a blue moon is excused- 🤫 even I am guilty of doing it sometimes..) • I offer block rate discounts on shows longer than 30+ minutes. • I set my prices and no, I will not lower them. Do not ask. If you are unable to afford my prices then I recommend getting another job (see? that’s me assuming you already have one pathetic, low-paying job already.. and if you don’t even have that, then why are you even here?!). Remember, you pay me to exist, loser. A Private show with me will likely be the closest to actually touching me that you will ever experience. So shut up and pay up. Or get the fuck out of my way and my sight. Oh now you suddenly have the funds? Good boy. If you are lucky, I may just let you cum to me after all. • all shows must be a minimum of 5 minutes long (However, I recommend shows to last between 10-45+ minutes to get the most out of the experience with a better, more thorough, cerebrally-enticing performance that is not rushed (and to give myself time for multiple orgasms!) • I have the right to end the show early if it I feel you are being rude, demanding, disrespectful or otherwise trying to get services not offered with your show selection. • once show begins, all sales are final. In certain case-by-case instances, I may offer a refund of your purchase after first trying to resolve any issues by rescheduling for another time/day, then if unable to do so, I will offer a partial or full refund if there was a bad connection or other technical issues or if I have to cancel or end a show early that was booked and paid-for.
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Get yourself a pair of roxie’s panties in the style of your choosing! Wear them, frame them, smell them to be able to bask in Roxie’s amazing scent, or simply purchase them to add to your naughty collection of kinky fetish items, you perv. I love it.
Starting at $50 Panty Promo Sale! • clean (freshly laundered): $50 • dirty (worn during a scene): $80 • stuffed (into pussy or ass): $120 • include a custom video: +$35 • include 5 custom photos: +$15
Any other specific items or add-ons you want but I don’t have listed? Just shoot me an email about what you are interested in and I will message you back with my price!
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